Multi-Channel Maturity Meter Set

Multi-Channel Maturity Meter Set


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Multi-Channel Maturity Meter Set

Multi-Channel Maturity Meter Set

Supports the following standards: ASTM C1074

Humboldt Maturity Meters provide a predictable strength determination of cast-in-place concrete based on ASTM standard C1074-98 (Estimating concrete strength by the maturity meter method). These units utilize inexpensive, disposable, T-type thermocouple wire with quick-connect jacks, which can be embedded directly into a concrete structure to measure temperature at timed intervals. These readings can then be used to document the maturity process within the structure in order to:

  • Predict the time for form and shoring removal
  • Estimate loading and post-tensioning time
  • Control winter heating/insulation
  • Reduce construction time and costs through accurate maturity readings

The H-2680 and H-2682 have four channels, and provide the maturity number calculation, instant readout and temperature history on a menu-driven alphanumeric display. A communications port allows information to be transferred from the meter to another meter, printer or computer. The H-2682 provides the use of a rechargeable nickel-cadmium battery, which can be used to enhance performance in cold weather applications.

Both units give maturity number calculation, instant readout and temperature history. All four channels may be used simultaneously. All information is available on menu-driven alphanumeric display. Datum temperature is programmable from -20° to +60°C. Communications port allows information transfer from meter to meter, printer or computer.

H-2680 Includes:
4 type “T” thermocouple wire and GFE connectors, RS-232 communications cable, 9V battery and plastic carrying case

H-2682 Includes:
4 type “T” thermocouple wire and GFE connectors, RS-232 communications cable, rechargeable nickel-cadmium battery with120V battery charger/ AC adapter and plastic carrying case


Part Number & Name
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Thermocouple Wire, 24 GA, (per foot)
Thermocouple Wire, 20 GA, Type T (per foot)
Thermocouple Wire, 24 GA, Type T, 50 Ft.
Thermocouple Wire, 24 GA, Type T, 100 Ft.
Plug for thermocouple
Printer with Serial Port for Maturity Meter
Serial Cable for Maturity Meter Printer
AC Adapter/Charger
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Manuals, Data Sheets & Safety Data Sheets

Maturity Meters (Data Sheet PDF)



ASTM C1074

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