Nuclear Density Gauges

Nuclear gauges

Nuclear gauges

Asphalt density testing is one of the most important parameters used to determine a road’s quality and load-bearing capacity. The results of these tests are used to produce an evenly paved road that possess a resilient surface. more »

Nuclear gauges, continued

Without accurate asphalt density calculations, roads are not built with proper specifications and are prone to premature rutting and cracking. Because of this, density testing is a standard procedure in almost all road construction.

A nuclear density gauge measures the density of in-place hot mix asphalt (HMA) using gamma radiation. Gamma rays are emitted from the source and interact with electrons in the material. By calculating the percentage of gamma rays returned to the source, the gauge can quickly and accurately measure the density and inner structure of the test material.

Humboldt’s nuclear density gauges are known to be less brittle and better equipped than the competition. Our gauges are built to last through years of rugged applications and are manufactured with 100% new parts. We take pride in the functionality and longevity our gauges have to offer.

Humboldt provides two nuclear density gauge models: the HS-5001SD and the HS-5001EZ.
• The SD Gauge possesses more efficient operation, data collection, and processing systems due to its state-of-the-art technology. Its touch screen and other features are designed to make your life easier.
• The EZ gauge is built for more tough and demanding applications. Easy-to-use and accurate, this gauge is perfect for any quick operation.


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