Thermometer, Precision, Calibration, Pt100 Platinum

Thermometer, Precision, Calibration, Pt100 Platinum

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Thermometer, Precision, CalibrationHT-4795
Thermometer, Precision, Calibration
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Thermometer, Precision, Calibration, Pt100 Platinum

Supports the following standards: ASTM D2171

The HT-4795 precision hand-held thermometer is a 2-channel instrument that has a resolution of 0.001°C with a system accuracy of ± 0.015K. It provides an excellent calibration reference for your other thermometers. Simultaneous display of two measured values or differential. Records minimum, maximum, hold and average values. Integrated calibration function (according to EN60751 up to 14 points) Password protected calibration function. Optional DE-Graph Windows Software for graphic and tabular documentation. For 3-point calibration certification, order HT-4795C.

Thermocouple probe not included. See accessories

Type:Pt100 Platinum Precision, hand-held calibration thermometer
Features:High Precision Accuracy, 2-channel measurement, Max./Min., USB Interface, DataLogger function for up to 6000 measurements
Probe:Dual-probes, order separately
Range:-328° to 1562°F -200° to +850°C
Resolution:0.001°C from -200°C to +200°C remaining range 0.01°C
(Type K):
±0.015°C from -50°C to +199.99°C; ±0.025% of reading for the remaining range
Stem Length:Various
Power:9v battery
Traceable Certificate:NIST Traceable Certificate available


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Thermocouple Probe, 9"— -200 to +450°C (-392° to +842°F)
Thermocouple Probe, 12"— -200 to +450°C (-392° to +842°F)
Thermocouple Probe, 6"— -200 to +450°C (-392° to +842°F)
Smartgraph Wiindows Software for Digital Thermometers
USB Date Cable for Digital Thermometers
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ASTM D2171

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