Sand Cone Apparatus Set, 4.5" (114mm)

Sand Cone Apparatus Set, 4.5" (114mm)

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Sand Cone Apparatus Set, 4.5" (114mm)
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Sand Cone Apparatus Set, 4.5" (114mm)

Supports the following standards: ASTM D1556, AASHTO T191

The 4.5" sand cone apparatus can be used when it is desired to collect a smaller sample or when gathering a sample is difficult due to extremely hard compacted soil. The cone also determines the in-place density of soils having a maximum particle size of up to 2" (51mm) using test hole volumes of approximately 0.1ft3 (2.8L). The set is comprised of a 1-gal. (3.79L) threaded plastic jar; a detachable double cone, which is threaded on one end for attaching the threaded plastic jar; and, has a 4.5" (114mm) dia. flanged opening on the other, which fits the opening of the H-4249P sand cone plate. (order separately). The cone has a brass cylindrical valve with a 0.5" (12.7mm) dia. orifice and stops that prevent the valve from rotating past the completely open or completely closed positions.

For more information about Humboldt's compaction/density testing solutions, click here.


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Sand Cone Plate, 4.5" (114mm) Hole
Sand Cone Replacement Jar
Sand Cone Accessory Kit
Density Sand for Sand Cone Test, 50lb.
Lid for Plastic Sand Cone Jar
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ASTM D1556


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