Schmidt Hammer, Type N

Schmidt Hammer, Type N

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Schmidt Hammer, Type NH-2975
Schmidt Hammer, Type N
Schmidt Hammer, Type N (N/mm2) ScaleH-2975M
Schmidt Hammer, Type N (N/mm2) Scale
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Schmidt Hammer, Type N

The original Schmidt® hammer, type N, is designed for non-destructive testing of concrete items 4" (100mm) or more in thickness, or concrete with a maximum particle size less than or equal to 1.25" (32mm). It is designed for testing concrete within a compressive strength range of 1,450 to 10,152 psi (10 to 70 N/mm2) and impact energy of the test is 1.6 ft-lbs (2.207 Nm). The (type N) Schmidt hammer is pressed against the concrete structure and the rebound values are displayed on a mechanical sliding scale. These values can then be correlated to compressive strength by using the conversion table chart affixed to the hammer. The original Schmidt hammer is known for its durability and accuracy.

For additional information about non-destructive concrete testing equipment, click here.

The Schmidt Hammer, Type N supports the following standards: ASTM C805ASTM D5873, BS 1881: Part 202, ISOIDIS8045, ENV 206, IGJ/T 23-2001


  Part Number & Name Price QTY
Concrete Rebound Hammer Calibration Anvil H-2972
Concrete Rebound Hammer Calibration Anvil
Conversion Chart Label (psi) H-2975.25
Conversion Chart Label (psi)
Replacement Conversion Chart Label (N/mm2) H-2975.25N
Replacement Conversion Chart Label (N/mm2)
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Replacement Parts

Replacement Part Diagram
  Part Number & Name Price QTY
Impact Plunger H-2975.1
Impact Plunger
Housing, complete H-2975.3
Housing, complete
Rider with Guide Rod H-2975.4
Rider with Guide Rod
Push-button, complete H-2975.6
Push-button, complete
Hammer Guide Bar H-2975.7
Hammer Guide Bar
Guide Disk H-2975.8
Guide Disk
Cap H-2975.9
Two-part Ring H-2975.10
Two-part Ring
Rear Cover H-2975.11
Rear Cover
Compression Spring H-2975.12
Compression Spring
Pawl H-2975.13
Hammer Mass H-2975.14
Hammer Mass
Retaining Spring H-2975.15
Retaining Spring
Impact Spring H-2975.16
Impact Spring
Guide Sleeve H-2975.17
Guide Sleeve
Felt Washer H-2975.18
Felt Washer
Acrylic Window H-2975.19
Acrylic Window
Trip Screw H-2975.20
Trip Screw
Lock Nut H-2975.21
Lock Nut
Pin H-2975.22
Pawl Spring H-2975.23
Pawl Spring
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ASTM D5873
BS 1881: Part 202
ENV 206
IGJ/T 23-2001
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