ASTM D5581

Resistance to Plastic Flow of Bituminous Mixtures Using Marshall Apparatus (6 inch-Diameter Specimen)

9H-1367Compaction mold for 6” marshall samples
1H-1363Mold extractor, 6 inch
1Choose One:
H-1394Constant temperature water bath, 110V 60Hz
H-1394.4FConstant temperature water bath, 220V 50/60Hz
1H-1353AHand-operated sample ejector
1Choose One:
H-1366Heavy-duty automatic single compactor, 120V 60Hz
H-1366.2FHeavy-duty automatic single compactor, 220V 60Hz
H-1366.5FHeavy-duty automatic single compactor, 220V 50Hz
1H-1362Breaking head, 6"
1HM-5120.3FMarshall/TSR loader with load cell, strain transducer and HMTS marshall module software, 115V 60Hz
1Choose One:
H-3841Mixer, 5 Qt. ASTM-compliant, 120V 60Hz
H-3841.2FMixer, 5 Qt. ASTM-compliant, 220V 60Hz
H-3841.5FMixer, 5 Qt. ASTM-compliant, 220V 50Hz
1H-4952Heavy-duty hotplate

Note: Also required but not part of basic sets—Weighing balance, thermometers, various containers and labware.


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