ASTM-Compliant Mixer, 5-Qt. (4.73L)

ASTM-Compliant Mixer, 5-Qt. (4.73L)

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Laboratory Bench Mixer, 5-Qt. (4.73L), 120V 60Hz
Laboratory Bench Mixer, 5-Qt. (4.73L), 230V 60Hz
Laboratory Bench Mixer, 5-Qt. (4.73L), 230V 50Hz
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ASTM-Compliant Mixer, 5-Qt. (4.73L)

Supports the following standards: ASTM D5581, ASTM D6926, ASTM C1073, ASTM C109, ASTM C1506, ASTM C185, ASTM C305, ASTM C359, ASTM C451, ASTM C452, ASTM C806, ASTM C807, ASTM C87, ASTM C110, ASTM D1557, AASHTO T162

ASTM-compliant mixer for mixing hydraulic cement pastes and mortars of plastic consistency. Mixer includes H-3844 bowl positioning adapter, a 5-qt. (4.73L) stainless steel bowl and 1 flat, stainless steel beater for mixing heavy materials. Hobart model No. N-50 operates on principle of planetary action—beater reaches every part of the batch, rotating on its axis in opposite directions as it moves around the bowl. Thoroughly blends, mixes and aerates all ingredients for consistent, predictable finished batches. Selective agitator transmission has 3 speed settings: 139, 285 and 591 RPM. Base dimensions: 10.375 x 15" (264 x 381mm). Height: 17" (432mm). Features UL-listed cord and plug.

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Wire loop whip, stainless steel
Bowl Lid, Acrylic
Humboldt Extreme-Duty Whisks
Cage (guard) for H-3841 Mixer
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Bowl Positioning Adapter
Beater, stainless steel, flat-type
Bowl, stainless steel, 5 qt. (4.73L)
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