Concrete Air Meter

Concrete Air Meter

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Concrete Air Meter
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Concrete Air Meter

Supports the following standards: AASHTO T152, ASTM C231

The H-2786A air meter is one of the most precise air content measuring devices available. With heat-treated, cast aluminum construction and cast-in handles on the base, the H-2786A is heavy duty, yet lightweight, and easy to handle.

This air meter utilizes the best clamping system available, with large stainless steel clamp levers and a holding capacity of 2500 lbs. each. This clamping system provides an easy, dependable operation. Employing the use of a superior, high-volume Pump, this system makes operation efficient yet rapid. The meter includes a large, accurate pressure gauge with safety glass and bold color dial face. Color coded for entrapped and entrained air readings.

The H-2786A air meter is furnished complete with the following items:

  • Type B pressure meter
  • Precisely molded polyethylene case with inner molded reinforced walls to hold the meter and accessories in place.
  • Calibrated Vessel
  • Calibration Outside Tube
  • Calibration Inside Tube
  • Strike-off Bar
  • 24" Long Tamping Rod 5/8" diameter rounded to a hemispherical tip at both ends
  • 3 oz. Bulb Syringe
  • 16 oz. Rubber Mallet

Each unit is pressure tested and calibrated before shipment. Each meter is assigned a specific customer serial number.
Conforms to ASTM C231 & AASHTO T152


Manuals, Data Sheets & Safety Data Sheets

H-2786A AirMeter 011723-final (Product Manual PDF)





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