Cylinder End Grinder, Automatic

Cylinder End Grinder, Automatic

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Concrete Cylinder End Grinder, Automatic, 120V 60Hz
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Concrete Cylinder End Grinder, Automatic, 240V 50Hz

Cylinder End Grinder, Automatic

This automatic cylinder end grinder quickly grinds specimen ends plane and parallel prior to compression tests. This unit can grind three (3) 4" x 8" (100mm x 200mm), (3) 3" x 6" (76mm x 150mm) or two (2) 6" x 12" (150mm x 300mm) test cylinders simultaneously. The adapter for 4" x 8" (100mm x 200mm) and 3" x 6" (76mm x 150mm) test cylinders is easy to install on the table and requires no assembly. The machine is mounted on wheels for easy moving. Safe access to components allows for easy maintenance. The grinder's aluminum frame and stainless steel exterior ensure both resistance to corrosion and light weight.

  • Grinds planeness and parallelism of test cylinder ends
  • Planeness accuracy: 0.002" (0.05mm)
  • Grinding time 90 to 120 seconds per end
  • Ready to use for 6" x 12" (150mm x 300mm), 4" x 8" (100mm x 200mm), 3" x 6" (76mm x 150mm) and 2" x 4" (50mm x 100mm) test cylinders
  • Automatic bi-directional radial displacement of the table
  • Aluminum Frame
  • Stainless steel outer shell
  • Splash guard reduces user exposure to water and dust
  • Easy access to water inlet and outlet
  • Diamond-grinding wheel included
Sample Size:6" x 12" ( 152 x 305mm), 4" x 8" ( 102 x 203mm), 3" x 6" ( 75 x 150mm) cylinders
Cut Precision:Plane and Parallel to within 0.002" (.05 mm)
Cutting Feed:Manual—right hand operation
Cutting Head:Diamond wheel
Cutting Speed:90 to 120 seconds per end
Dimensions:52.5" x 24" x 37" (1334 x 610 x 940mm)

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Diamond Cutting Wheel
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