Guardian 7000 Ceramic, Hotplate/Stirrers

Guardian 7000 Ceramic, Hotplate/Stirrers

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Guardian 7000 10"x10" Ceramic, Hotplate/Stirrer, 120V 50/60Hz.
Guardian 7000 10"x10" Ceramic, Hotplate/Stirrer, 230V 50/60Hz.
Guardian 7000 7"x7" Ceramic, Hotplate/Stirrer, 120V 50/60Hz.
Guardian 7000 7"x7" Ceramic, Hotplate/Stirrer, 230V 50/60Hz.
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Guardian 7000 Ceramic, Hotplate/Stirrers

Supports the following standards: ASTM D5581, ASTM D6926, ASTM D6927, ASTM D4943

OHAUS Guardian 7000 Hotplate Stirrers are designed with outstanding safety features and superior heating and mixing performance. The SmartHousing™ is chemical resistant with an innovative, easy-to-clean design that channels spills away from internal components and the angled glass control panel. The bright LCD display includes intuitive icons, temperature, speed and time settings - all designed to monitor performance from across the lab.

Unique Features:

  • SmartPresence™ and SmartLink™ Technologies Ensure Supervised Operation— Protect your lab with patented SmartPresence™ and SmartLink™ technologies. These exclusive features automatically shut off the heater if no one is detected after a user set “time out” period has passed.
  • SafetyHeat™ System Protects the Lab— An industry-leading, early-detection system that uses two independent safety controls to continuously monitor the electronics and shut off heating before an over-temperature condition occurs.
  • Powerful, Consistent Stirring Performance— Precise stirring from 60 to 1600 rpm is made possible by the design of a powerful motor, strong magnet and software controlled ramp rate, ensuring secure magnetic coupling for viscous applications.
  • Customized Performance for Precise Applications— SmartHeat™ allows you to set the maximum temperature of the unit and SmartRate™ enables fast or slow temperature and speed ramp rates. The programming feature allows storage of 5 multi-step programs.
Overall Dimensions:42.2 x 28.6 x 12.2cm (16.6" x 11.25" x 4.8")
Top plate dimensions / Material:17.8 x 17.8cm (7" x 7") Ceramic 25.4 x 25.4cm (10" x 10") Ceramic
Electrical (50/60 Hz):120 volts ±10%: 11.2 amps 230 volts ±10%: 7.0 amps
Fuses:120 volts: 15A quick-acting, 6.3x32mm, 125VAC 230 volts: 10A time-delay, 5x20mm, 250VAC
Temperature range:Ambient +5° to 500°C
Temperature stability of top plate:± 3% > 100°C, ± 2% ≤ 100°C
Temperature stability with temperature probe:± 1% > 100°C, ± 1°C ≤ 100°C
Stir capacity:18L
Speed range:60 to 1600rpm
Speed stability:±2%
Weight capacity:Up to 14.5kg (32 lbs)


Part Number & Name
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In Use Cover Guardian 7x7
In Use Cover Guardian 10x10
Temperature Probe 20cm Stainless for Ohaus Guardian Hotplate
Temperature Probe 25cm Stainless for Ohaus Guardian Hotplate
Stir Bar Retriever
Support Rod And Clamp Kit
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Manuals, Data Sheets & Safety Data Sheets

Guardian7000DatasheetUS (Data Sheet PDF)

Guardian7000manual (Product Manual PDF)

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