Humboldt HCM-5080 Automatic Controller

Humboldt HCM-5080 Automatic Controller

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Humboldt Automatic Controller for Concrete Compression Frames, 120V 60Hz
Humboldt Automatic Controller for Concrete Compression Frames, 220V 50/60Hz

Humboldt HCM-5080 Automatic Controller

Supports the following standards: ASTM C39, ASTM C78, ASTM C293, ASTM C469, ASTM C496, ASTM C1019, ASTM C109, BS EN 12390-32

Humboldt’s Automatic Pump and Controller System is the most versatile, accurate and easy-to-use concrete compression machine controller available today.

It is designed to make fast work of testing cylinders, cubes and beams with any of Humboldt’s concrete compression machines. It provides an easy-to-use automated testing workflow — just choose the test standard you wish to use from the menu, and you will be quickly guided through the test setup and testing process. It is the ideal automatic system whether you are purchasing a new concrete compression frame or upgrading an existing frame.

The system features a robust, reliable and cool-running 1hp, multi-piston pump, which works together with the controller for full operational control. The controller’s high-resolution, 7-inch, color, touchscreen provides accurate, precision machine operation, setup and calibration. Setup and operation are simple with step-by-step procedures.

Calibration is also easy with the controller, allowing from 1 to 10 points to calibrate the machine in any increment chosen. It also provides an accurate motor-control knob, which allows calibrators to dial in precise calibration loads.

The system provides two channel inputs for load, which can be used to control two separate compression frames when using the HCM-HP4014 selector valve accessory. Two additional channels are provided for displacement, which provides an easy solution for determining Poisson’s ratio and Young’s modulus testing.
The controller also provides data acquisition capabilities of up to 1000 tests with 3000 points per test. This information can be exported via the front USB port and a flash drive.


  • Provides 2 channel inputs for load, which allows for the control of two separate compression frames
  • Provides 2 additional channel inputs for displacement, which allows performing extensometer and compressometer testing
  • 7", high-resolution color touch-screen display with live readout, graphical and tabular display
  • Easy test setup, just choose the standard you wish to test for and the controller will walk you through the complete setup
  • Rapid approach, initial load and testing load are automated during test cycles
  • Automatic control of test parameters
  • Provides data acquisition of one reading per second
  • Integral storage within the controller of up to 1000 tests and 3000 points per test

For additional information about compression machine controllers, click here.

HCM-5080120V 60Hz
HCM-5080.4F220V 50/60Hz
Display7" (178mm) VGA (480 x 80) Resistive-touch Screen
ProcessorDual, 32-bit ARM
Analog to Digital Converter24 bit
Data Acquisition2 Channels for Load & 2 Channels for Displacement
Data Speed1000Hz (1kH)
Logging Speed1 reading per second
Multi-Test Storage10000
Points per Test3000

HCM-5080 Controller Includes

HCM-5080.900Pump Controller
HCM-5080.925Hydraulic Power Pack
HCM-5080.950Power Pack Installation Kit
To order, specify either HCM-5080 (120V 60Hz) or HCM-5080.4F (220V 50/60Hz)


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Pressure Transducer, 10,000 psi with Cable and Plug
Pressure Transducer, 10,000 psi
Cable for Pressure Transducer, 10,000 psi with Plug
ISO VG 46 Hydraulic Oil, 1 Gallon
Frame Selector Valve
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Manuals, Data Sheets & Safety Data Sheets

HCM-5080-DataSheet-0122 (Data Sheet PDF)

Concrete-Controller (Data Sheet PDF)

HCM-5080-Manual (Product Manual PDF)

HCM-5080-Retrofit-Manual-0619 (Product Manual PDF)








ASTM C1019


BS EN 12390-32

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Humboldt’s HCM-5080 Automatic Controller

Humboldt’s HCM-5080 automatic controller is designed to make fast...

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