Linear Strain Conversion Transducers (LSCT)

Linear Strain Conversion Transducers (LSCT)

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Strain Transducer 0.4" (10mm)
Strain Transducer 1" (25mm)
Strain Transducer 2.0" (50mm)
Linear Strain Conversion Transducers (LSCT) 4"
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Linear Strain Conversion Transducers (LSCT)

Supports the following standards: ASTM D2435, ASTM D4546, ASTM D5333, ASTM D7181, ASTM D1883, ASTM D4767, ASTM D4219, ASTM D2850, ASTM D2166, ASTM C469

Extremely accurate and reliable strain gauge instruments. Compact size does not require a module. High resolution and performance superior to LVDT.

  • Less than 250g spring force on spindle
  • Non-linearity better than ± 0.1% of full scale deflection
  • Hysteresis-compensated with linearity better than ± 0.1% of full scale in both directions
  • Negligible temperature effect

Stainless steel casing for environmental protection. Operating temperature range 0 to 70°C. Requires input of 10V dc; output up to 6.5 mV per volt.


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Transducer Data Cable Extension
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Manuals, Data Sheets & Safety Data Sheets

Humboldt Triaxial Equipment Guide-LR0417 (Data Sheet PDF)

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