Thermometer, RTD Platinum, Traceable

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Thermometer, RTD Platinum, TraceableHT-4132
Thermometer, RTD Platinum, Traceable
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Thermometer, RTD Platinum, Traceable

One button operation, great for QC and processes. Platinum (100-ohm) 4-wire probe. Has low battery/bad probe indicator and can be output to a computer.

• Range: -58 to 752°F (-50 to  400°C)
• Resolution: 0.01° below 200°C and 0.1° above 200°C
• Accuracy: 0.1% + 0.2°C below 200°C and ± 0.15% + 0.5°C above 200°C

NIST Traceable certificate included

Type:RTD platinum thermometer with traceable certificate
Features:°F and °C switchable, one-button operation, low-battery, bad probe indicator, 0.5" high digits, computer output capability
Probe:Platinum, (100-ohm) 4-wire probe for use with soils, liquids, air/gas
Range:-58 to 752°F; -50 to 400°C
Resolution:0.01° below 200°C and 0.1° above 200°C
Accuracy (Type K):0.1% + 0.2°C below 200°C and ± 0.15% + 0.5°C above 200°C
Stem Length: 6 inches
Power:9-volt battery (AC adapter available)
Traceable Certificate:Yes, included


  Part Number & Name Price QTY
Computer Data Acquisition System for HT-4132
Thermometer, Data Logger Accessory For HT-4132 HT-4325
Thermometer, Data Logger Accessory For HT-4132
Thermometer, AC-Adapter for HT-4132
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