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Humboldt Launches New Informative Blog

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Ever wish you had more access to information about materials testing procedures, equipment and new methods. I know I have, and from what we've heard from many of our customers, so have others. We decided to see if we could assist you all by providing more information about these topics, so today we're launching our new blog.

This blog represents our commitment to you, our customers, to try and provide relevent, interesting and updated information on procedures and equipment we hope you will find interesting. Our blog posts will be sent out through email to our customers, but will also be available on our website. To find new blog posts, just click on the far right navigation tab, entitled ”Blog“, see below.

On our new blog page, you will find the latest blog installments along with past posts you may want to review. As we ramp up our blog posts we will be offering discussions on testing procedures, providing technical guidelines and equipment and procedural recommendation, as well as informative videos. We will also have a place where you can offer up your ideas on topics you'd like to see us talk about. Just let us know using the form on the right sidebar and we will try accommodate your wishes.

As Technical Services Manager at Humboldt Mfg. Co., I understand how access to new and important information can be to you when you are evaluating new tests and equipment or just trying to figure out how to do a certain test. I hope to help in giving you an additional source for this type of information.

Like many of you, I too have been in the middle of testing when Murphy’s law kicks in and what can go wrong, just did. Or you need to set up a new testing procedure and all the information you have is vague at best. A good and succinct technical reference always comes in handy at these times. I receive many technical inquiries on a daily basis only to find that something as simple as a technical post could have aided the end-user when they really need it. So that is our goal — to provide information to you, our customers, that you can use and refer back to when you need it. In the coming months, we hope to start adding a lot of informaton here, so check back often, keep a lookout for our blog post emails.

I look forward to sharing new information with you through this blog and remember, if you have any subject requests, don't be shy in letting us know!

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