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Development of the Asphalt Mixture Automated Testing System with Zero Intervention

This guest post was written by Andrew Cooper. The Asphalt Mixture Automated Testing System with Zero Intervention, developed by Dr. Fujie Zhou at Texas A&M University and soon to be manufactured by Humboldt, marks a significant advancement in asphalt mixture testing in the U.S. This innovative system is designed to automate... Read more >

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Sieves, Particle Size Distribution, Soil Testing, ASTM D7928, ASTM D422

D6913 and D7928 Replace D422 Particle Size Analysis

This guest post was written by Jack Germaine . He is a Research Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Tufts University. Determination of the particle size distribution (PSD) is one of the most requested soil characterization tests. The results are used for classification and estimation of engineering... Read more >

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Asphalt, Concrete

The Infrastructure Bill and Effects on the Construction Materials Industry

The new infrastructure bill passed the Senate on August 10 after months of tough negotiations. This spending package carries a $1 trillion price tag over five years. $550 billion is geared for transportation, broadband and utilities, while $110 billion is earmarked for roads, bridges and other major infrastructure projects,... Read more >

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Laboratory, COVID-19

Covid-19 Pandemic Enables Remote Laboratory Learning

This guest post was written by Jack Germaine. He is a Research Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Tufts University. Universities were quick to adapt to the norms of social distancing. Various modes of remote delivery were implemented to allow students to continue educational progress. Laboratory subjects are... Read more >

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Women of Asphalt: Lead & Inspire

The WofA, or Women of Asphalt, is a national organization aimed at supporting women who work in the asphalt industry through education, mentorship and advocacy. Women of Asphalt was formed in 2017 with five founding members and has grown to over 1,000 members in 2020. There is no cost to join and you can do so at:... Read more >

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The COVID-19 Texas Joint Workforce Safety Plan

Many lifestyle changes have arisen due to the COVID-19 worldwide pandemic. From stay at home orders to social distancing measures, everyone is trying their best to slow the spread of this virus. While many construction workers across the U.S. are considered “essential workers”, it is still crucial that safety measures are taken... Read more >

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Humboldt Launches New Informative Blog

Ever wish you had more access to information about materials testing procedures, equipment and new methods. I know I have, and from what we've heard from many of our customers, so have others. We decided to see if we could assist you all by providing more information about these topics, so today we're launching our new blog.... Read more >

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