Cone Penetrometer, Direct-Read, Digital

Cone Penetrometer, Direct-Read, Digital New

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Cone Penetrometer, Direct-Read, DigitalH-4204D
Cone Penetrometer, Direct-Read, Digital
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Cone Penetrometer, Direct-Read, Digital

Used to determine the bearing capacity of sub-grades, or to measure soil compaction. It‘s light and easy-to-handle in the field, and provides a rapid means of determining the penetration resistance of soil in shallow exploration surveys. This penetrometer features a direct-read, digital gauge that is calibrated directly to a master load cell with an accuracy of 0.1 psi. This direct-read feature eliminates computations and charts to determine what the psi readings are. The penetrometer comes with a 30°, 1 in2. (6.45 cm2) cone; a 37.25" x 0.75" (19mm) dia.. shaft, graduated at 6"(152mm) intervals, and a cast-aluminum, two-hand-style handle.

Replacement Parts

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30° Cone, 1in2 (6.45cm2) for Cone Penetrometer H-4204.3
30° Cone, 1in2 (6.45cm2) for Cone Penetrometer
Extension Rod, 37.25" for H-4204 Cone Penetrometer
Extension Rod F/H-4204, 19.25" Length H-4204.5
Extension Rod F/H-4204, 19.25" Length
Coupler for H-4204 H-4204.6
Coupler for H-4204
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Manuals, Data Sheets & Safety Data Sheets
H-4204 man 0413 (Product Manual PDF)

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