Flexural Beam Attachment

Flexural Beam Attachment

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Flexural Beam Attachment for HCM-2500, HCM-4000 and HCM-5000HCM-0119B
Flexural Beam Attachment for HCM-0030, HCM-2500, HCM-4000 and HCM-5000
Flexural Attachment for HCM-3000HCM-0117B
Flexural Attachment for HCM-3000
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Flexural Beam Attachment

Supports the following standards: AASHTO T97, AASHTO T177

Used to determine the modulus of rupture of center or third-point beams with a depth of 6" (150 mm). The upper heads load bearing blocks are easily changed for either a center or third-point testing configuration. Bottom support blocks are set in the lower support channel with a fixed 18" (457 mm) span length.

Bearing blocks are spring-loaded to hold them in contact with the pivot balls and rod, as required by ASTM specifications C78 and C293.



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