ASTM Thermometers, Mercury, Fahrenheit

ASTM Thermometers, Mercury, Fahrenheit

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General Use, 0 to 302°F, Subdiv. 2.0°F, Length 12.5" (322mm), Immersion 3" (76mm)
General Use, 20 to 580°F, Subdiv. 2.0°F, Length 15.325" (390mm), Immersion 3" (76mm)
General Use, 20 to 760°F, Subdiv. 2.0°F, Length 16.25" (413mm), Immersion 3" (76mm)
Cloud and Pour, -36 to 120°F, Subdiv. 2.0F, Length 9.125" (231mm), Immersion 4.26" (108mm)
Low Cloud and Pour, -112 to 70°F, Subdiv. 2.0°F, Length 9.125" (231mm), Immersion 3" (76mm)
Low Distillation, 30 to 580°F, Subdiv. 2.0°F, Length 15.25" (386mm), Immersion Total
High Distillation, 30 to 760°F, Subdiv. 2.0°F, Length 15.25" (386mm), Immersion Total
Pesky-Martens Low, 20 to 230°F, Subdiv. 1.0°F, Length 11.25" (287mm), Immersion 2.25" (57mm)
Pesky-Martens High, 200 to 700°F, Subdiv. 5.0°F, Length 11.25" (287mm), Immersion 2.25" (57mm)
Cleveland Open Flash, 20 to 760°F, Subdiv. 5.0°F, Length 12.125" (308mm), Immersion 1" (25mm)
Gravity, -5 to 215°F, Subdiv. 0.5°F, Length 16.5" (420mm), Immersion Total
Low Softening Point, 30 to 180°F, Subdiv. 0.5°F, Length 15.625" (397mm), Immersion Total
High Softening Point, 85 to 392°F, Subdiv. 1.0°F, Length 15.625" (397mm), Immersion Total
Saybolt Viscosity, 66 to 80°F, Subdiv. 0.2°F, Length 10.875" (275mm), Immersion Total
Saybolt Viscosity, 94 to 108°F, Subdiv. 0.2°F, Length 10.875" (275mm), Immersion Total
Saybolt Viscosity, 120 to 134°F, Subdiv. 0.2°F, Length 10.875" (275mm), Immersion Total
Saybolt Viscosity, 134 to 148°F, Subdiv. 0.2°F, Length 10.875" (275mm), Immersion Total
Saybolt Viscosity, 204 to 218°F, Subdiv. 0.2°F, Length 0.875" (275mm), Immersion Total
Kinematic Viscosity, 97.5 to 102.5°F, Subdiv. 0.1°F, Length 12" (305mm), Immersion Total
Aniline Point, -36.5 to 107.5°F, Subdiv. 0.5°F, Length 16.5" (419mm), Immersion 2" (50mm)
Aniline Point, 194 to 338°F, Subdiv. 0.5°F, Length 16.5" (419mm), Immersion 2" (50mm)
Kinematic Viscosity, 74.5 to 79.5°F, Subdiv. 0.1°F, Length 12" (305mm), Immersion Total
Kinematic Viscosity, 137.5 to 142.5°F, Subdiv. 0.1°F, Length 12" (305mm), Immersion Total
Tag Closed Tester, Low Range, -4 to 122°F, Subdiv. 1.0°F, Length 15" (379mm), Immersion Total
Precision, 18 to 89°F, Subdiv. .2°F, Length 15" (279mm), Immersion Total
Precision, 77 to 131°F, Subdiv. .2°F, Length 15" (379mm), Immersion Total
Kinematic Viscosity, 272.5 to 277.5°F, Subdiv. .1°F, Length 12" (305mm), Immersion Total
Bituminous Softening Point, 30 to 350°F, Subdiv. 1.0°F, Length 16" (406mm), Immersion Total
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ASTM Thermometers, Mercury, Fahrenheit

Supports the following standards: ASTM D113, ASTM D2500, ASTM D97, ASTM D1856, ASTM D402, ASTM D1310, ASTM D3143, ASTM D4867, ASTM D6925, ASTM D2041, ASTM D139, ASTM D36, ASTM D1200, ASTM D333, ASTM D365, ASTM D5, ASTM D88, ASTM D244, ASTM D6927, ASTM D2170, ASTM D2171, ASTM D6084, ASTM D1321

ASTM Mercury Thermometers (Fahrenheit) are made in accordance with specifications of the American Society for Testing and Material. Strict manufacturing procedures and quality controls ensure full compliance to ASTM E-1. These instruments are made from annealed glass and have been extensively aged for minimal scale error and stability. These thermometers were designed for specific testing and can be calibrated to your specific requirements.

ASTM Thermometers, PTFE-Coated
All ASTM Mercury Thermometers are available in PTFE-coated versions to minimize breakage and improve safety. Part numbers for PTFE versions are created by using the standard part number and adding a T (i.e. H-2600.1FT).

CAUTION: These thermometers contain mercury. There are restrictions on their sale and shipment. Please check laws in your area or contact us before ordering. Mercury Thermometers require ground shipment in the U.S. and ship as Dangerous Goods.


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Mercury Spill Clean-Up Kit
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